The Mattress Factory Recording Studio

"I've spent my life it seem in studios so it felt like a natural progression in 1993 to start my own when I purchased Steve Albini's 8 track studio set up,
not just from a business perspective but I was tired of having my ideas compromised and watered down by the constraints of commercial studio environments.
Over the last decade, The Mattress Factory has come into its own, allowing freedom of expression from our artists and delivering professional groundbreaking results
at every turn. We offer an important combination of state-of-the-art-digital-kooky-audio-junkie-analog and I think most importantly the innovative mindset to make it all
work and make the primary focus not the equipment or software but the songs and the impact of the music." ~ Martin Atkins

Music recorded at The Mattress Factory

has been featured in major movies, television shows, and video games.

You can hear our results in:

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