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The Mattress Factory Presents The "Breaking The Band" Package!

We have come up with a new model for a recording studio - it's a package deal that's designed to help YOU, the artist(s),
to succeed in your music career! This is not what you're used to if you've ever been to a studio before - this is a Chicago-style,
balls-to-the-wall, whatever-it-takes investment in the future of your career! Click here for more info!

Our Entire Catalog Will Be Available To Film Students!

Mattress Factory Music owns the rights to thousands of cool, edgy songs. Songs from our catalog have been placed in movies, video games,
and on HBO, NBC, CBS, and more. We will be making our entire catalog available to film students for use in projects (with a student's budget in mind!)
and you will be able to preview and download the tracks directly from this website! Click here for more info!

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